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Flap wheels – A new concept

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Athena, whose headquarters are in Sassuolo, Modena, is a company that is specialized in the production of non-woven flap wheels ideal for giving the right finish and in treating any type of surface. They are suitable for numerous professional uses or in do-it-yourself, such as providing a satin finish, smooth and even finish, maintenance and construction.

Athena, abrasives, abrasivi, products, wheel, shaft, gambo
athena abrasives made in italy

Founded in 2010, the aims of Athena are to revolutionize the traditional process of producing non-woven flap wheels. With the use of its own, in-house, automated, production system, Athena is able to be competitive, both in terms of price as well as in delivery times, without sacrificing the quality and reliability that has always been its trademark. By being reliable, Athena considers itself to be a valid supplier/partner of distributing companies, both on a national, as well as, on an international scale and, with this in mind, doesn’t use its own trademark nor its own distribution network.




Radial Discs (MRD) and

Interleaved Radial Discs (MRDT)

Radial discs catalog


Sander Wheels (STX) and

Interleaved Sander Wheels (STXT)

Sander wheels catalog


Threaded Bore Flap Wheels (FL) and

Interleaved Threaded Bore Flap Wheels (FLT)

Threaded bore flap wheels catalog


Shaft Mounted Flap Wheels (RLP) and

Interleaved Shaft Mounted Flap Wheels (RLPT)

Shaft mounted flap wheels catalog


Non-Woven Fabric Accessories and Articles

and Waste-free Rolls (WFR)

Non-woven fabric articles catalog


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Cavazzuti Rolando

Cavazzuti Rolando is a global reference point for technology dedicated to the industrial production of ceramic tiles.

Cavazzuti Rolando is the exclusive distributor of Athena Abrasives’s product line for ceramic industry.

Deburring tools

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Brushing tools

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Treatment tools

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Athena offers a wide range of personalization for its products, starting from the labeling and packaging.


Two types of labeling are offered:

Standard Athena Labeling – this type of labeling is offered free of charge to its clients. The information contained in the labels never makes any reference to Athena, but only to safety requirements and product uses.

Customized labeling – starting from the graphical, project design and up to the creation of the labeling, a complete, made-to-measure product is produced containing all the clients’ details.



Two types of packaging are provided:

Standard Athena Packaging – decided at the moment of packaging and varies according to product size and quantity. This type of packaging is offered free of charge.

Customized Packaging – designed in collaboration with the client and created according to client requests, this type of packaging is perfect for large quantities subdivided into packages of a few units each. Athena also offers just a packaging service, using packaging supplied by clients.



Via Trentino Alto Adige, 18

41049 Sassuolo (Modena)


Tel: +39 0536 813053

Fax: +39 0536 889585


Athena Abrasives