disco radiale athena abrasives


Non-woven fabric mini discs are used on angle grinders with variable speed control. After having removed the soldering joint with a flap disc, the mini radial disc can be used to eliminate any scratches  the flap disc has left. They can also be used for more generic operations, such as the cleaning or grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous steels, for the removal of filaments of plastic pieces and also for the antiquing of marble, if the silicone carbide variations are used. Mini radial discs are available in two versions: STANDARD-LINE (20mm) and HIGH-LINE (30mm) for those who are looking for a tool with a greater durability.

disco radiale athena abrasives

CP-3M Radial Discs (MRD CP-3M)

The CP-3M Wheels are used for intensive blending and finishing and are long lasting. These heavy duty wheels are used for removing surface defects, coarse grind lines, blending forging marks and machining mismatches while leaving a uniform grain finish.

disco radiale athena abrasives

Interleaved Radial Discs (MRDT)

Unlike mini radial discs, they are composed of sheets of abrasive cloth alternated with sheets of non woven fabric. The use of this fabric makes the product more aggressive than the previous one. Interleaved mini radial discs are also available in the two versions STANDARD-LINE (20mm) and HIGH-LINE (30mm).

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