ruote a gambo athena abrasives

Shaft Mounted Flap Wheels (RLP)

Non-woven fabric shaft mounted flap wheels are used on electric, pneumatic and flexible shafted portable machines for the cleaning, grinding and satining of ferrous and non-ferrous steel alloys. They are particularly suited for the finishing of surface areas that are difficult to reach and for those that are small in size, as well as for the finishing of shaped surfaces.

ruote a gambo athena abrasives

CP-3M Flap Wheels (RLP CP-3M)

The CP-3M Wheels are used for intensive blending and finishing and are long lasting. These heavy duty wheels are used for removing surface defects, coarse grind lines, blending forging marks and machining mismatches while leaving a uniform grain finish.

ruote a gambo athena abrasives

Interleaved Shaft Mounted Flap Wheels (RLPT)

Unlike shaft mounted flap wheels, they are composed of sheets of abrasive cloth, alternated with sheets of non-woven fabric. The use of this cloth makes the wheels more aggressive in respect to the above-mentioned wheels and means that deeper marks, such as scratches and scaling, can be eliminated from the surface area of the piece. They are particularly suited to a gentle and silent grinding without vibrations.

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